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Your Body is a Luxury Vehicle So Drive Accordingly

When we sit down to dinner, or any meal, it is a time for us to FUEL our bodies, the finest machines we will ever own! Think about that! Our own bodies that we LIVE in are the most luxurious, most complex and refined vehicles we will ever own. We will ride in these everyday of our lives while we are alive. Boom!

While we know that a valuable car takes premium gasoline, regualr oil changes, and tune-ups, somehow we think our bodies will not break down! We drive ourselves on an empty tank. We forget to check our engines. We routinely run out of fluids- primarily water. We use cheap fuel, ie. fast foods, sugary drinks, and low nutrition snacks for energy. Well, if we would never do this to our cars, why do we do this to ourselves? Becuase we do not understand the machines we own, or how to take care of them! We admit we are not mechanics so we hire experts for maintaining our autos. But we pretend we do not need an expert to help us maintain our bodies. This is so wrong! We need to hire an expert to learn how to care for OURSELVES!

Since the human body is so complex, we can not begin to know about all of the intricate details that make us function! For instance, there are vitamins and minerals that we require, but nobody ever told us about them. So when we feel poorly, suffer health peroblems, mental issues, and physical pain, we do not know what to do, except go to the doctor and start medication for the symptoms. But guess what? The nutition deficits are still there. We still lack vitamin D3 or magnesium or healthy fats, or water! And we continue to wear down our organs, muscles, digestive systems and even our hearts and brains, while just masking the underlying lack of proper fuel.

Remember, your body is the most complex, amazing and important vehicle you will own in your lifetime. Don't you want to talk to an expert about how you can maintain and restore it to get the best performance and mileage out of it? Reach out to get started on your rebuild, overhaul, tune-up or upgrade of YOUR luxury vehicle=YOU! #jamieactivates #functionalnutrition

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