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You are here because you desire to make changes that will increase your sense of well-being. Each of these programs will provide professional coaching to move you towards your goals. Coaching packages are individually designed; I  meet you where you are and get you moving! I offer single sessions as well as one month and three month packages to address your needs. Try these offerings and remember that we can also design unique packages just for YOU!



Get out of your own way! Confront your MENTAL BLOCKS and OBSTACLES.  Explore your TALENTS. Increase your personal SUCCESS through habit change! Focused goal setting,  step-by-step task lists, and accountability check-ins. Develop your winning combination! Opportunity grows from Preparedness, Time Management, Presentation, Balance. This results in a NEW ATTITUDE that attracts OPPORTUNITY.  Get yourself together!  Change is possible. Stay calm. Gain grit. Enhance your outlook! Enjoy the journey! Let's begin NOW!

Healthy Woman


I plan your  NUTRITION, DIET, EXERCISE, and HABITS. Learn effective WEIGHT LOSS strategies that will teach you the HOW and WHY of a healthy diet. Stop the chronic self-sabotage, and excuse-making. I provide daily accountability success check-ins to combat your inner-critic. This is a no-holds barred intensive to get you turned around!  Dedicated Attention, Support, Accountability.  YOU do it. You succeed! This knowledge will last a lifetime. Invest in yourself! I work with your current medical considerations. FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION!


YOU NEED THE COMPLETE PACKAGE OVERHAUL: BODY, MIND , SPIRIT! If you are ready to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health, get ready to change habits in your  life towards nutrition, movement and a positive mindset! CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Decrease your reactions to stress, and become more resilient to life’s challenges. Gain awareness of your body, mind and spirit, and ACTIVATE your life! This program includes nutritional guidance, personal counseling, a movement and exercise program, and activities!  Alll the bells and whistles. Super Deluxe.

Couple Cooking
Image by Jan Sedivy


You are ready to clean up your diet. Start with this whole food cleanse. My cleanse helps you to  discover food allergies and intolerances. As you cleanse your body through a guided way of eating, you also get counseling and coaching. Discover what is working in your life, and what is not! This cleanse will ACTIVATE you. E-book, coaching, text support and shopping/food prep guidance. Seven day cleanse, plus prep, after-care and advice. Can be added to any coaching package or as a stand alone cleanse.


Hit the ground running with this 60 minute LASER-FOCUSED coaching session. Everyone needs a coach! This is YOUR time to take action. Start with a bold goal and outline the steps to achieve it. It is time to ACTIVATE your life! Talk through challenges in a supportive environment or get a dose of motivation towards your next project. LIFE, HEALTH, EDUCATION, CAREER! Includes two post session accountability check-ins as well.

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Help your staff reach fitness and health goals with an event that invites each person to set affirmations, write measurable, achievable goals, and create a 30 day wellness calendar. Participants will explore tips for improving wellness including stress reduction, sleep rituals, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle balance. Tangible calendar make and take project. Prices vary depending on setting/# participants.

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