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Do you have Metabolic Syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome explains a group of medical measurements that can indicate risk of heart disease. There are five main measurements to consider as indicators of heart disease risk: 1) waist line size of 34 inches or over for women, and 40 inches and over in men, 2) Triglyceride reading over 150, 3) High Density Lipids under 40, 4) High Blood Pressure over 130 for systolic and over 85 for diastolic, 5) fasting glucose reading over 100. If a person has three or more of these measurements out of range at one time, this is called metabolic syndrome.

While the bad news is that there are many people, over three million in the U.S., who are currently diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, the good news is these symptoms can be improved with a combination of diet, exercise and mindfulness. If you have these symptoms and need help making a healthy lifestyle plan to reverse your symptoms, there is a way.

The approach should be three prong: better nutrition going in, iincreased exercise to aid digestion, nurtional uptake, and elimination of waste, and a specialized stress-lowering routine. Addressing metablolic syndrome from several fronts simultaneously will get you feeling better and get your numbers back into range.

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