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Updated: Dec 14, 2021

As social animals, we need a tribe. Even if we are self-proclaimed loners, introverts, and even if we like to be alone most of the time. People still need people. And when we get into a discussion with others who feel our pain, understand our struggles, and GET us, we can let out a sigh of relief and maybe even shed a tear or two in good company.

To this end, I am running four group programs to kick off 2022: Twenty Minutes of Cardio in February, Ditch Sugar in March, Bye Bye Dairy in April, and Good Riddance Gluten in May. Participants will receive curated information about each monthly theme, 24-7 on-call text support, an invitation to my private group Facebook page, members-only Virtual Live Events weekly, and weekly 1-1 coaching check-ins.

I am offering each of these courses at only $200 per month, or $700 for all four programs! Even if you have completed one of these programs in the past, you will still benefit from completing a course again. New information will be added. Each day is a new day to reach for your health! If additional coaching time is desired you can book with me ala carte for an hourly rate.

These groups are going to be a blast! We will share our struggles and our accomplishments. This is a great way to see what I do as a coach, and gain extra support from others who are on a quest to achieve a new level of wellness.

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