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Choose the program that is right for you!


Corporate Health and Well-being Packages

These plans allow corporations to help employees and staff reach fitness, health and well-being goals through workshops, activities, challenges, as well as group and one-to-one coaching.  Co-create a wellness plan that fits your corporation’s goals. Define scope of work, delivery method for experiences and information, and see your employees and staff move towards health and well-being with this uniquely designed path for healing and growth. Quarterly, semi-annual and annual plans available.



Interactive format delivering uplifting health and well-being topics via workshops on a variety of topics. Nutrition, self-care, stress management and movement are emphasized. Customized workshops at your request.


Office hours

Add a trained health educator and coach to your team with monthly office hours which can be provided in person or remotely. Give your employees another set of listening ears for support through life’s challenges.  


Upgrade your Corporate Health and Well-being

Achieve greater employee satisfaction and wellness by designing and implementing health and well-being practices that become part of company culture. Discover ways to boost morale, lower stress, and add fun to your corporate meetings and routines.

PREMIUM PACKAGE: Body Mindset Reset


Welcome to my  one of a kind program!

Functional Nutrition

Deep dive to explore underlying causes of your current health symptoms and challenges. Includes full health history, health timeline and a graphic map of your current health symptoms.


Learn about how food heals. Enhance your health with foods, supplements and herbs to support hormone balance, healthy weight  and increased energy and vitality. Creation of an individualized diet plan to treat your specific nutritional needs, medical diagnoses and wellness goals.

Life and Health Coach

Discover self-care practices that assist in lowering stress, adding joy to life, while improving digestion, sleep and productivity. Get tools, strategies, and information curated just for yourr specific interests and needs. And finally receive the accountability you  need to take on your new healthy habits, and let go of the unhealthy routines that no longer serve you. Stay accountable through weekly meetings, as well as unlimited texting for support throughout your journey.

Thought Partner

Work through challenges as they arise and start heading in the direction required for you to make the changes you want in your life. Be heard, be validated, and start creating the next chapter of your life. 


Reset your BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT!

This program is for you if you have two or more of these goals:

Improve your self-care routine

Add more self-love and positive self-talk to your day

Put yourself on the top of your priority list

Create a menu of healthy activities to add to your lifestyle

Learn to control your weight in a healthy, sustainable way

Get moving to boost immunity

Create an efficient exercise routine

Ditch Sugar

Say goodbye to bad habits

Lower your cholesterol

Lower your blood sugar

Improve your digestion

Balance hormones in perimenopause/menopause

Taught by highly trained, certified educator, coach and functional nutritionist.

Nutriton. Life. Health. Mindset.
Daily touchpoints as desired via text

CHOOSE 6 Session or 12 Session Package 


These coaching sessions are laser-focused and to the point!​ 
Ideal for days when you need  to make a decision, weigh your options,  and bounce off ideas with a highly-trained life, career and nutrition coach! ​This is also a great place to start when you are ready to be heard, and you are thinking of making changes in life.​

This coaching style is based in positive psychology and assumes you have answers inside you that need to be expressed. Click below if you are ready to begin!

Lower your stress level by talking it out. Use these sessions as a one-off in addition to your other coaching packages, or just schedule when you have a conversation to discuss that can not wait.

ESS go together!

45 minute sessions.

Portrait young stressed woman thinking too hard steam coming out up of head isolated on gr

Give the gift of Health and Well-being!

Ready to make someone's day with the gift of  HEALTH and WELL-BEING? 

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