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Thankfulness is a Choice

Thankfulness is a choice. It is a decision we each are invited to make countless times in our lives. Thankfulness is our conscious effort to be glad amidst life's joys, challenges and sorrows. What choices are you making?

Thankfulness changes us from within. When we tell ourselves that we are blessed for the moment we are in, we literally change our energy. Our vibrations then affect those around us, and when we are thankful, we become magnets to others. People and even animals want to be around those with a thankful heart. Maybe you have heard of good vibes? Well, we can actually create them within ourselves when we decide to accept the now, and see the grace available within each situation we encounter.

As John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." The messy, imperfect, and often disasterous episodes in life make for inspiring stories later, if we just get through those very rough times. Gratitude can make even our darkest days tolerable because when we look for nuggets of wisdom, kindness, humor, and hope, we discover they exist even in sorrowful situations. Life is a string of inconveniences, heartaches and disasters with good times in between. Thankfulness can be the thread that weaves our lives into beautiful tapestries: remarkable tales of survival, overcoming and demonstrations of courage.

Sometimes the changes we need to make in our lives have less to do with our physical selves, and more to do with our spiritual selves and our minds. We can create healthy habits to uplift our vibrations and make space for a more gracious heart. If you want some assistance in developing your practice of thankfulness, ask me how. Thankfulness is a choice.

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Life is good when we make good choices, decisions, even better when we include God in them. Being thankful makes a happy heart.


That is awesome, Jamie! Well said! Much of life we do not control, but there is so much we do have control over. Good vibes, baby! Thank you! ;)

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