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Meet Jamie Arreola, M.Ed.

Functional Nutritonist, Life & Health Coach

My name is Jamie Arreola and I am a Life and Wellness Coach and Functional Health Consultant.

I may be your ideal coach if you are a corporation, business, or organization interested in upgrading activities, programs, workshops, and overall support towards the health and well-being offerings. I also offer 1-1 coaching for individuals!

Overwhelm, burnout, mental fatigue, stress and weight management challenges are real. I know because I have been on this journey myself! And the changes I made for myself were so profound that I changed my career path to seek more answers about how to become the healthiest version of myself. Now it is my passion to help others get results that return them to health and vitality, too.

If it is time to put yourself and your team back into the center of life, and you need a nudge, a push or a shove in the right direction, here I am waiting for YOU! Do you need to set aside time to plan with a professional? I am part nutritionist, part educator, and part accountability partner. 

I teach you to say yes to yourself and your own needs. IMAGINE! This increases life satisfaction, which translates into increased productivity, health, and greater resiliency to face challenges at work and at home.

I provide tools, strategies and mentorship for you to set and accomplish your own goals, using your personal strengths to make the changes you want in your life! I guide, encourage, support and teach you to practice putting yourself FIRST so that you can better show up for others!

I have assessments, activities, and curated materials to support you as you set and achieve goals. I hold you accountable to complete your tasks, and I help you  get out of your head and moving toward a more enjoyable and meaningful life experience.

I believe that the body-mind-spirit connection is  essential. My programs aim to increase the awareness of our innate, deep connection to others and to yourself; as you  appreciate WHO you are, you heal inside and out.

I am a certified member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I am also a member of the American Psychological Association. My membership in networks of health care and mental health practitioners provides me to access specialized tools and methods for creating individualized coaching programs for my clients. I am the owner of Jamie  Arreola, M.Ed.- Jamie Activates Health and Wellness Coaching.

I believe you are ready to BEGIN!  Here we go!

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The Journey Towards YOUR GOALS Begins NOW. 

I highly recommend Jamie as a motivator and inspiration to get yourself on a great health track, mentally and physically. She’s thoughtful, knowledgeable and intuitive! Plus she’s a lot of fun!

Rosalinda Navarro
Executive Administrator, Cisco Systems

Jamie takes into account all my identities; Mexican woman, young professional, and prior athlete, as well as my health concerns and family history. She has helped me understand what my body needs and how to listen to my body.

Sabrina Guerra
Graduate Assistant, University Council, University, Nebraska, Lincoln.

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