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Parenting Challenge : Making Food Choices

If your kids are beginning to make their own decisions about how and what to EAT, this phase of parenting can be a challenge! 

Fast food culture, busy schedules, and peer pressures to eat a certain way, or not eat much at all, can cause your kids to gain weight, lose weight or manage their diet in unhealthy ways. Freedom to choose sometimes leads to habits that can harm developing minds. 

What is going with eating habits in your house? Are there battles cropping up about what is healthy/unhealthy to consume? Is society influencing what your child thinks is okay to eat, drink, consume? BEEN THERE!!!!!

We try as hard as we can as parents to teach healthy habits. But at some point, often, society, media, and peers start to win. Our words sound like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon, "Wa-wa. Wa-wa-wa-wa." Blah Blah Blah.

So, I thought I would share that I am professionally trained to address dietary gaps, and design diets with maximum nutritional benefits. I do this with families, kids, adolescents and adults. It is satisfying to see people getting excited about packing their luches, shopping for college dorm snacks and making healthy dinner choices at home and on the run.

Again, what is going with eating habits in your house? 

Maybe you are an adult, but somewhere along the way, you started eating your kids' snacks and meals? Can anyone say Goldfish and Gogurt? Haha. In this case, you have to start with you and then move down the chain of command to improve everyone's plate at some point.

I would love to hear about your current food battles, and what you have tried so far... And reach out if you need some backup on changes for the family's food game!

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