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Ditch Sugar with Bet on Yourself #2 Challenge

We all want a sweet life. However, too much sugar may be causing some health issues like weight gain, mental fog and even disease! I have created a new 30 day challenge to explore how sugar affects our bodies, minds and outlook, and where sugars may be hiding in everyday foods. This challenge will lead participants in activities to seek out, track and reduce sugar in their diets for a month. Through this challenge, everyone can learn more about their personal relationship with sugar, and find ways to add spice to life without too much sugar! It may be the toughest challenge yet, because sugar is very addicting, and so we will create a private FB group for ongoing dialogue, meet weekly in a Zoom support group, and get information about where to look for sugars, how to read labels, and even how to shop for foods with lower sugar counts. Most people lose weight when they cut down on sugar, so we will track inchews and pounds as an experiment! JOIN US!

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