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About Jamie Arreola, M.Ed.

Masters Degree in Counselor Education

Certified Health, Life, Nutrition Coach

Recognized by American Association of Drugless Practioners

Hi, I am Jamie Arreola, of Jamie Activates!

I am so honored to support you as you set goals to improve your life, health and increase your joy! My unique coaching program encourages you to embrace the lifestyle changes you already know you need to make. Together, we will create small manageable steps each week that are achievable and fun!

You will receive tools and activities chosen just for you. You will have a sounding board and a listening ear. Whether you choose to complete a cleanse, a short-term plan, or a three-month program, Jamie Activates packages all offer the right combination of structure, resources and encouragement that will make the difference in your success.

Do you want to revisit an old dream that you never quite accomplished or set a new goal? Do you want to increase your health? Get in better shape? Increase emotional fortitude? Face a bad habit?  Let’s get started!

My background as a teacher, and my knowledge of organic food, gives me a unique perspective on the body, mindset connection. We need to eat the right foods, with the right intensions, and practice the right self-talk, in order to improve our health and for the long run. I focus on nutrition and self-care as it relates to our overall sense of well-being.

I specialize in building routines and habit change for longevity of positive change results.


Coach and Teacher are terms of endearment to me-

I answer to both!

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